Our Capabilities



Engaging, developing, and motivating the organization through goal setting and alignment, coaching, team building, inclusiveness, career development, and rewards

When leaders genuinely recognize the success of their business is through their people, it provides the opportunity to build out a caring and trusting environment where human potential flourishes. 

When that occurs, the power of human possibility emerges beyond what individuals can imagine.  When this collective action begins to take hold, the organization can achieve peak performance looking for more of what’s possible in order to deliver on its strategic goals and objectives. 

  • Goal Setting and Alignment – Do your people know your objectives?  What questions do they have? Do they know how they impact your objectives? Learn effective techniques of connecting your leadership objectives to those that need to be delivered throughout your organization in order to be successful. 
  • Leadership Coaching and Team Building – Leadership can be a lonely place.  Who do you turn to for advice? Who truly provides you timely feedback?  Is your leadership group truly a team?  How do they grow? Learn to create effective feedback for you and your team to ensure that you all are growing and learning.
  • Incentive Alignment and Structuring – Aligning your incentive payment systems with your business results is not a static event.  It should change annually as your goals change. Learn techniques to ensure that you are paying for what you need to deliver business success – short term and long.


Unleashing the power, capacity, and capabilities of people through the identification and development of top talent

In scrutinizing business leaders that are delivering superior results, one quickly realizes that those results are accomplished by the people they lead.  It’s unique leadership that can identify and truly appreciate the differences that team members bring to the table and then actualize those strengths and differences to deliver excellence. 

They know how to stretch their people, how to test potential and how to grow individuals out of their comfort zone to accomplish the impossible.

  • Top Talent Identification and Development – Know your top performers within your organization and learn successful techniques to grow and challenge them.  Energized future leadership can be the key to your company’s success.
  • Essential Future Leadership Development and Coaching – Learn the key essentials to ensure your future leaders are ready to step in and succeed as the need arises. Real time coaching by those within your team can be successful if it is done correctly and in a non-threatening mode.
  • Key Retention Strategies – Ensure that you have the right retention and advancement strategies employed for those few leaders that will be the future of your company.


Developing and implementing people strategies to align with current and future business strategies through strategic workforce planning, organization design, succession planning, and leadership/competency modeling.

Translating business strategy into People strategies that ensure you have the right organization structure with the right capabilities and mindsets for true, long term business success. 

Business is dynamic, and it is essential that organizational design and capabilities are constantly reviewed and updated to ensure long term success. The management of change is critical to business performance.

  • Strategic Workforce Planning – Is your organization ready for what needs to be delivered for success?  Do you have the right talent and capabilities in place? What are the future capabilities that you need to be growing?  Learn how to ensure that you have the right capabilities in your organization that can make your business succeed.
  • Organizational Design – Having the right people in the wrong organizational structure can be toxic. Study your current organizational structure opposite the goals you have set for the medium and long term to ensure you can deliver on your objectives.
  • Leadership and Competency Models – Do you need leaders that have excellent conflict resolution skills? Or do you need leaders that exhibit great risk taking? Or is your need for those who have great interpersonal skills?  Know the true competencies that your organization needs to succeed and ensure that you have it in those that you lead


Delivering outstanding business results by people and teams through a robust and practical performance management process.

It also includes appropriate ways to manage leadership meetings.

A Leadership organization that is truly functioning as a team is a rarity.  In-fighting, avoidance of conflict, a lack of true commitment and accountability to goals, and inattention to results are the key shortcomings that must be overcome. 

Patrick Lencioni has elegantly described these in his national best seller, “The Five Dysfunctions of a Team.”  We will walk your team through a workshop to establish the keys to a cohesive team - trust, conflict, commitment, accountability, and results.

  • Performance Management – Learn how to manage employee performance and align organizational and individual goals to facilitate the delivery of  strategic and operational goals.
  • The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team – A customized workshop with your leadership team to assess and improve its effectiveness as a true team.  Results show that teams that are quicker to make decisions, avoid wasting time on “politics,” and create clear competitive advantage, get to results faster and better.